Flair on intake vents?



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    Dana Sandefur

    Hi Lee Lawmaster

    A Flair solution only replaces the supply vents and not the return vents.

    All the best,

    Flair Support

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    I think this is a great discussion to have.
    When working with hvac in homes, if there's no return vent the supply vent is essentially useless.

    In rooms which the door is closed and the flair vent is shut, return ducts technically could be creating negative pressure in the room.
    Personally, I'd rather some negative pressure and the little amount of air circulation it provides. Sealing the room off completely (vents + returns) doesn't seem like a need (stale air room).

    The main issue is for people who renovate basements. If you only have supply ducts and no floor-level return air ducts, the basement floor will always have a cold draft. But, that's not a flair problem :)

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