What's so special about flair USB power supply?



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    Flair Customer Support

    The Flair cable is a power-only cable.

    Most non-data cables _should_ work with any adapter.

    However, non-data cables can vary. Some non-data cables have D+ and D- (two out of the 5 wires that are in micro USB) tied together, shorted to ground, etc. It’s not always super clear. But as long as D+ and D- are floating on both ends (not connected to each other or shorted to ground or VDD), then the cable should work.

    All the best,
    Flair Tech Support

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    I noticed, the battery holder tabs have 3.3v when connected with USB cable. I added there 470uF capacitor, but that didn't help.

    Next I started testing other cables and chargers that I have and I found out:
    - DJI Spark charger and OnePlus 3t Dash charger work with some! cables
    - WyzeCam flat 3m long cable works with even the crappiest chargers

    I found another, generic 1.2m cable that also works with all the chargers I have. That's what I am going to use.

    Another generic, almost same looking 1.2m cable doesn't work with none of the chargers.

    So far I have no idea what makes it work.

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