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    James Clarke

    Hi Pete Mast,

    We're sorry to hear you had trouble getting a few of your Flair devices back online.

    When this occurs please keep in mind that you need to get your Flair Gateway Pucks online first and once these are online the Sensor Pucks and Smart Vents will come online.

    When there is an internet outage Gateway Pucks should reconnect automatically to your WiFi, however, sometimes if the DHCP lease expires during the period the internet was down the Gateway Pucks may not automatically reconnect.

    To reconnect Gateway Pucks to your home WiFi first do a "Forget WiFi" in the Puck Settings menu.  Next, in the Flair app tap the orange PLUS menu and select "Add new Gateway Puck".  Then follow the prompts to get your Gateway Puck connected.  Do this for all Gateway Pucks in your system.

    Once your Gateway Pucks are online your Sensor Pucks and Smart Vents will communicate with the Gateway Pucks and come back online.

    If you would like to avoid this in the future you can do one of the following:

    1. Change your router's default DHCP lease time to 1 week
    2. Assign Gateway Puck(s) static IP address(es) in the router

    If you need additional support please contact us at


    The Flair Team

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