is it possible to close all vents in a room?


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    James Clarke

    Hi Eric Quarando,

    We do not offer the ability to close all Smart Vents in a room with the click of a single button.  By default when a room is set to Inactive Smart Vents assigned to that room will attempt to close.  If necessary, due to Back Pressure Protection, Flair may keep some Vents in that room open.  This is the best way to try to get all Smart Vents in a room to close at a given time.  This behavior requires that you set System to Auto in the Control Bar.

    Flair limits the number of Smart Vents that can be closed at any one time to protect your HVAC equipment.  Closing too many Vents can lead to too much back pressure in the system and Flair works to prevent that.

    Please let us know if you have any other questions about this.


    The Flair Team

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