I HATE the Nest integration and wonder if i could switch to Ecobee



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    You should probably open up a support ticket to help configure you system.

    In all scenarios, which system is in control is configurable and can be either Flair or the thermostat.  However, once you pick one and configure it as the controller, that's the one you should use to make changes.   Making changes on the wrong one will just create frustration as the system changes stuff on you.  For example, setting Flair as the controller and then trying to adjust setting in Nest or Ecobee will lead to confusion and poor performance.  Likewise, setting the thermostat as controller and expecting Flair to turn on the system instead of just limit will not work.

    Likewise, after you integrate a system, especially one with remote sensors, how you configure all those sensors and what rooms they are in will impact how the system works.  Putting a Nest/Ecobee sensor in the same room as a Flair puck, then looking at the temp in the app is going to reflect some combination not just what is on the puck.


    Depending on what you're trying to do, there's probably a bunch of different ways the system can be configured.  With trade offs for different options.

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    James Clarke

    Olivier Roure

    Thanks for writing in!  Matt gave you some good advice above but we are creating a support ticket for you based off this inquiry and a member our Technical Support Team will be in touch with you personally to discuss this with you.

    Thank you for being a long-time, valued Flair customer.


    The Flair Team

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