Using Dyson Fan built in temp sensor for Flair Vent (Using homebridge/apple home)



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    James Clarke

    Blaise Lowen,

    I love your idea but as Sal mentioned you will need a Flair Gateway Puck discovered and online in your home before you can leverage our API and that Puck will be required in order to communicate commands to the Flair Smart Vents.

    If you will be writing an integration to control Smart Vents in rooms that don't have a temperature-sensing device that is integrated in the Flair app you will need to make all calculations and determinations for when these Smart Vents will open via your automation.


    The Flair Team

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    So, using the temperature sensor in the dyson fan to control a flair vent?
    I guess if you already have a few fans and don't want to buy a few pucks, the support team might be able to give you an answer.

    Otherwise, it's probably less cumbersome to just stick with a totally flair system. easier to get set up, tune, and troubleshoot :)
    The flair puck isnt just a temperature sensor, its a low-frequency radio that controls multiple vents. So, you need at least one puck and one vent to use flair anyways. I started with 8 vents and 2 pucks (one upstairs, one downstairs). Works well.

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