Multi zone mini-splits + Nest control + Puck(s) = Happiness?




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    John Bartlet

    Just a reminder to all other users—you don't need a Nest or ecobee to use our Pucks with a mini-split. In that situation, the Puck is your smart thermostat. The Puck features geofencing, occupancy awareness, auto temperature control, and centralized control via our web and mobile app.

    However, it looks like you're wondering if you can also integrate a Puck into your existing smart home system. The answer to this is yes! If you want to keep your Nest, you can integrate Flair into your existing Nest system. You will need one Puck per room (if you have multiple mini-splits in a single room, you can use one Puck for that room).

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    I congratulate you for choosing a multi-zone system. With a multi zone you win:

    -Great installation flexibility and a wide choice of styles.
    -Wide range of outdoor units to which up to 8 indoor units can be connected.
    -All indoor units can be individually controlled.
    -The discrete, robust outdoor unit can easily be mounted onto a roof or terrace, or simply to the outside wall.
    -It is possible to combine different types of indoor units.

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    So in this case, how do you wire your Nest thermostat? I just bought a Nest and a Flair puck, I am controling an LG Minisplit that is hidden in a cabinet and has the vent to the exit of the air, so the device is IR, so puck will control it, then i want to control the puck with the Nest thermostat is this possible? Thanks so much! 

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