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    Flair Support

    We currently do not have an automated dry mode. However, if you switch to manual mode you can manually switch the mini split into dry mode. If you do not see dry mode, we may need to adjust the IR settings for your device.

    That being said, it might be beneficial to explain the difference between dry mode and cool mode. In dry mode, your fan runs at a lower speed and the compressor may cycle less frequently. This will result in an evaporator coil that is cooler (since less air is moving over it) and will dehumidify a bit faster.

    In cool mode, more air flows over your evaporator coil, resulting is some dehumidification, but not as much as a dry mode.

    So in summary, when in Flair's auto mode, running your unit in cool will allow for some dehumidification. We have some ideas we've been tossing around about when to run a unit in dry mode, but what kind of automation would you like to see around this mode? 


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    I was just thinking it might be nice to be able to set a target humidity point similar to how you can set a target temperature and then Flair would cycle the AC on in dry mode as needed to maintain that humidity in the room.

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    Matt Garrett

    I have a room that I like dryer/less humid for health conditions...many of my friends/clients with the same condition need a dryer room.  Since the AC air on average is 50% humidity... I would like to have a sensor in that room that turns the vents open more when the humidity rises and closes more when the humidity is low.  I would buy over 100+ a year since I help other people with this same need...I know install a manual device but an automatic, set it and forget it, device would be great.  

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    Reef Trends

    Please create this feature. This is actually the main reason I bought Flair and is dissapointing to learn it cant control humidity utilizing Cooling or Dry modes. Seems so easy to implement.

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