LG Units Energy Saver Mode


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    Shawn Murphy


    I am in the same boat as you. The reason I waited to long before purchasing the Puck was because I wanted to ensure that Eco mode was programmed, but after purchasing the Puck a couple months ago I found out it was not available yet.

    I also have a bunch of other issues

    • I am unable to control the temperature with 'swing' turned off (i am not even sure what swing is)
    • I can only change the temperature of my window ac 2 degrees at a time (sliding the temperature bar jumps 2 degrees at a time, so if I want to set my air to 67F, I am screwed)
    • temperature displayed on the unit is off
    • the temperature of the Puck does not match the temperature displayed in the app or online

    There is more, but I dont want to disparage potential customers from buying a Puck because I feel that the unit has massive potential. They just needa to get a team of dedicated programmers/developers to go thru the code and fix issues as well as write a local API so 3rd parties can intergrate directly with the Puck, as well as a group of beta testers so changes to not go live without QC/Feedback.

    That said, I did log a ticket with support over a month ago, I got one reply from flair staff within a few days saying they would look into it and get back to me. It took over a month before they responded to my request for an update 10 days prior, however, the person who replied said almost the same thing as the first tech (4 weeks earlier) then marked my ticket as solved and closed it out!!!!!


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