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    John Bartlet

    Hi Lain,

    Our lead customer support technician was out sick last week, which might explain the delay in the reply. Sorry about that! I went ahead and dug through our tickets to find your original questions. I'll go ahead and answer some of them here!


    You asked whether you can use 1 Gateway Puck and then ecobee room sensors. That's correct! You will need one Gateway Puck and then you can use ecobee room sensors after that. You said that you knew that the Puck provides in-room temperature control (you can rotate the Puck to select a temperature), humidity sensor, and a visual reminder of the temperature. If you don't need those, no problem! You can use an ecobee Room Sensor. You will not lose any of our pressure sensing capabilities. 

    You then asked the opposite: what if you had only Pucks and no ecobee Room Sensors? We integrate with the ecobee API one-way. So if you were to use all Pucks, you would not be able to see these in the ecobee App. We'd love it if our integration was two-way, but only ecobee can design an integration like that. 

    You asked if you wanted to use an ecobee Room Sensor and a Puck. We recommend that each room either has an ecobee Room Sensor OR a Puck—having two in the same room is unnecessary. 

    You then asked if our Smart Vents are smart enough to monitor how quickly a room is heating up. We are developing this and have released it to an increasing number of customers! We call it Air Evenness. If a room is heating too quickly, we will close the Smart Vent in that room so other rooms can catch up.




    Thanks for your questions! We hope this helps! 



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    Lain Bogle

    Thank you for the reply. Gave me all the info I need.

    Have a great day!

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    Steven Eng

    Does Air Eveness logic work with AC?  How is this different from "ALL Rooms" under SET POINT MODE?

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