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    John Bartlet

    Scheduling is currently in beta and can be requested by emailing


    As for your temperature settings, please ensure that your Puck is placed out of direct sunlight, away from exterior walls, vents, returns, windows, fans, and other devices that generate heat (computers, ovens, appliances, etc). Furthermore, we recommend that you mount your Puck on an interior wall approximately 5 feet (1.5 meters) away from the floor.


    If this is a Sensor Puck: In general, sensor Pucks should be accurate to ± 0.1ºC. To keep power consumption low, we only update the displayed temperature when the temperature change registers 1ºC (1.8ºF) or greater.

    Data in the App and in automated-control algorithms use temperature readings to the tenth decimal point (0.1). To force the Puck to show the latest temperature reading, simply interact with it by clicking down or turning the click wheel.

    If this is a Gateway Puck: Gateway Pucks may temporarily show inaccurate temperatures during setup. The setup process involves heavy WiFi usage. Furthermore, temperature calibration data does not sync until after the Puck is connected to the internet. It may also take a few minutes for the unit to equilibrate with its environment after initial setup.

    If your Puck says “Syncing…” and you don’t see a WiFi icon on the Gateway Puck or have setup your Gateway Puck within the last few minutes, please disregard any temperature readings.

    If after a few hours, your Gateway Puck is still not reading correctly, we can help with a field calibration process. If you believe your Puck needs calibration, please email

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