still having issues with flair app and whole system



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    Warren DeLarme

    I just checked I have several rooms set to 72 4 of the rooms are above 72 3 rooms vents are closed and the inactive guest room is full open in inactive mode. I go active in the guest room and the vent closes as it should...there is a problem there in logic (I have 14 vents total 2 are manual and 12 are flair)

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    Just a warning that you need to be careful about closing too many vents when running your air conditioning. It isn't only about pressure. I just had my AC freeze up the other day and I'm pretty sure the cause was having approximately 5 of my 15 vents closed. I noticed I wasn't getting any cooling at all and it turned out everything was frozen. As long as I don't close more than the three Flair vents in the lower level everything seems to work fine, and I'm very happy with the Flair control and how it works with my Ecobee 3. 

    There are good reasons why Flair wouldn't want to close too many of your vents, but can't you go to manual mode and open and close the vents you want to see what happens to room temps (and keep a close watch on the AC for freeze-up, which can apparently cause damage to your equipment)? You should probably try to figure out if what you want to do is even feasible given your duct setup. 

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    Erik Hendrix

    Isn’t Flair supposed to prevent this as well? How would one prevent this from happening otherwise with Flair controlling the opening and closing of all the vents?

    Checking as this worries me while determining if I should buy it or not. 

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