8 x 10 Vent?




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    Flair Support

    Hi Steven,


    As far as we know, no one manufactures a 8x10 Smart Vent. The competitor you're referring to uses what's called trim kits. These, in our opinion, defeat the purpose of a Smart Vent by permanently occluding air flow from vents. We cannot recommend their use for that very reason.

    As for being out of stock, we are currently doing a full production run, which may take a few months for stock to replenish. We had forecast our inventory to remain in stock through the summer, but demand greatly outpaced our supply in June and as such, we fell out of stock at that point. 

    We hope to announce our new sizes later this year. 

    We thank you for your concern and apologize for the inconvenience with being out of stock. 

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    Jerry Davison

    In a separate post I too indicated that the summer cooling season is a high priority for installing Flair vents in our home. 

    As for the delays due to manufacturing, I worked quite a bit with purchasing people on the IT side. Can't Flair put in place purchase order(s) that allow releases so that smaller and quicker inventory replenishments can be accomplished? The manufacturer gets a fairly large order over a year say, but then fulfills it using smaller runs. Wouldn't this get Flair a good price and at the same time address inventory issues?

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    Raymond Cheung

    I really hope to see the new sizes soon! 8x10 specially! I'm in Texas, too!

    Have been following Flair for awhile waiting for 8x10 to show up!

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    Kelly Culhane

    I also need the 8x10 size to be able to use Flair. I have two vents that size.

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    Kenny Green

    Any updates on 8x10?! My whole house takes 8x10!

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    Raymond Cheung

    Any update on this?

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