Can I use Pucks w/ both mini-splits & baseboard hot water?


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    Elia Zaitsev

    Interested in this as well as I have a similar setup. Nest is setup to control the oil-fired hot-water baseboard, and Flair puck controls a Mitsubishi mini-split which is can do A/C and heat. As I understand it (and have it working right now) the Nest can control the set point for the Flair, but only if the Flair is set to auto. Not clear on if the Flair can change the setpoint on the Nest (which I really don't care much about), or how the Nest/Flair will react if I set the Nest's setpoint to a cold temperature if it's configured currently to do heat only. I speculate the right answer is to set the Nest to control heat/cool, even if the Nest doesn't know it has a cooling device connected; it would indirectly control the A/C by passing the setpoint to the Flair. 

    I'm a bit wary of trying this as I don't want to damage the boiler in anyway. I'm also wondering if and how it would be possible to handle the fact that there are two heating systems now, the oil-fired baseboards AND the Mitsubishi's. I would probably prefer to use the Mitsubishi most of the time and save the oil-boiler as backup for extreme temperatures...


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