Is this system going away?




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    John Bartlet

    Hi Warren,


    We're still around and humming along quite well here at Flair HQ! There haven't been many updates to the forum post about software changes, but there have been plenty of fixes and improvements that we've been deploying every week. It seems like we just fell behind on posting them here. 


    The last software update occurred on 09/24. The engineers deployed some fixes with the API, home statistics plotting, home/away states, modes, and also sent out some database improvements. Before that, there was a software update on 09/17, and before that on 08/30. 


    As for updates with regards to stock, we really are thankful for the patience a lot of users have shown us. Those on the waitlist received note of a small batch of 4x10s that were made available a few weeks ago. (So please do sign up for the waitlist if you haven't!)

    We have good news on new Smart Vent supply coming soon. Later this fall there will be a system in place for placing a preorder/backorder for Smart Vents! 



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    Steve Rossi

    I would encourage support to make themselves known more on the forums. Right now I see a lot of activity from sales by email encouraging referrals and promotions, but not much for those of us asking questions about vent patterns, updates, or about the api. It's hard to recommend something when the social (forums) area of the company is this quiet.  Posting the actual change logs would be an excellent way to show that the platform is thriving and being actively worked on.

    Thanks for the update on the vent sizes; much appreciated.

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    James Downing

    I'll second Steve's comment.  Updates let us know that work is being put into sustaining and improving the ecosystem.

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