Any consideration of being able to control a pellet stove?



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    Hi there,


    You should confirm whether the remote is IR or RF. We find a lot of these stoves have RF remotes. Beyond that, I'll leave this here (copied over from: If your remote looks like the top one, it should pretty much act like an electric heater, mini split, etc. If not, there will only be limited functionality and no Auto mode. 


    Yes! Flair works with all mini splits, window ACs, and portable heaters and ACs air conditioners with a remote control that shows the device's current state and settings (ex: fan speed, temperature, and/or mode). 

    If your remote looks like this (has a screen that shows the current temperature and state), you will have access to Flair's full feature set.




    If your remote looks like these two, you may not be able to use Flair's full feature set. However, you may be able to use Flair as an internet-connected remote (the Flair App will let you do everything that your remote currently does, but through your phone):

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