Inconsistent Flair/Mini-split behavior - Set point and actual temperature never match up




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    Flair Support

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for these messages and we're sorry for the delayed reply. Things have been busy here at Flair HQ with the recent announcement on inventory, our team expanding, new training, and more!

    There are a few things going on here that don't lend themselves well to a Forum response, as each user here seems to be experiencing a different issue, though they look similar on the surface.

    With Manual Mode, we actually let the mini split self-regulate as to when to turn on or off. In this case, the mini split is failing to turn off when given the temperature set point.

    That being said, for these other issues, there may be a discrepancy between the IR code that's in our cloud database and the IR code that needs to be used to control the mini split. In that case, we'd need to upload your IR codeset into our cloud, which can be easily done. But we require a ticket to be sent to our helpdesk to get that process started. 

    There have been a few cases—not a lot—but we have seen them, where the issue is the temperature sensor in the mini split itself. We recently spoke with a customer that had to get the temperature sensor replaced in his mini split, after which the Puck and split were in harmony. 

    Finally, there might be a case where we need to tighten a few bounds with respect to room sense on our backend. 

    Because there could possibly be a few places that can cause these temperature differences, we ask that you send a message to our support team to work out a possible solution. And with respect to using your remote and the Puck, we recommend that you do not do so. The Puck and your remote will constantly try to overwrite each other's settings, which can cause unexpected temperature changes. Also, some manufacturers have put a temperature sensor in their remotes, which can cause the Puck and the remote to again fight each other with temperature control. We recommend that you take the batteries out of your remote for ease of use.


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    Mark Dieterich

    I'm also having similar issues. I am in manual mode, no room sense enabled. The flair app sends the command to set the temperature of my mini-split and it turns on, but never turns off when it reaches temperature. It blows on full indefinitely. Set temperature to 67, rises to 72. I keep having to override with my IR device so it shuts off. 

    My puck is paired with a Samsung mini-split.

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    Kane Albarron

    I would love it if somebody from Flair could respond to this thread. I too am experiencing the same issues. I have a brand new mini split setup, and I was going to go down the complicated and expensive road of having Nest thermostats installed, but found Flair and decided to abandon that plan in favor of using Pucks instead. But because of these temperature inconsistencies, it seems like you always need to switch between the pucks and the original remote, which sort of defeats the simplicity of the puck itself. It would be really helpful, at a minimum, if the app could show me what commands the puck is sending to the units. I just have no idea what it is doing and it's sort of a total toss-up as to whether it will get it right or not. 

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    T Sigman

    Well said, Kane. I'm not entirely that the puck is doing anything. I turned my remote back on to test out the minisplit and it behaves reliably with the remote. But the flair puck seems to do nothing other than send beeps to the unit. 

    On that note, I'm not sure if my remotes should be turned off or on while the pucks are supposed to be controlling?

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    Michael Hines

    Also double-check if you have room-sense enabled => It is *really* awesome and worth trusting. It takes a bit of time for the room-sense algorithms to "kick-in" and they make decisions that don't seem "comfortable" at first, but the algorithms will adjust soon. Room sense can overcome any "wierdness" issues that you may have as long as you trust it. The most important thing to do is to watch the temperature reading on the puck or the app => there are graphs there. And they will show how the temperature changes work with room sense algorithm. As long as the temperature is trending in the right direction, then room sense is working and will help you quite a lot.

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