Can the Puck be used in place of the Ecobee room sensor?




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    Flair Support

    Our integration with ecobee, like most all integrations, is one-way. We read temperature data from the ecobee Remote Sensor and can display this information in our App. We can also use it to assist our algorithmic calculations for automation. 

    Our Pucks cannot be used as Remote Sensors inside the ecobee App. That would require ecobee to build an integration with our platform and API. If you would like to see this developed, we recommend you getting in contact with ecobee customer support so we can see it happen!

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    Chris McIntyre

    If you are an ecobee user you just need one puck (unless you have a much higher than normal number of vents) to be a gateway. Flair will then use your ecobee sensor temp data to control the vents. If you’re trying to figure out the most economical way to get temperature data for each room, ecobee sensors are the way to go.

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