Temperature on pucks inconsistent - 2 pucks sitting next to each other



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    John Bartlet

    Hi there! Is this a Gateway Puck?

    Gateway Pucks may temporarily show inaccurate temperatures during setup. The setup process involves heavy WiFi usage. Furthermore, temperature calibration data does not sync until after the Puck is connected to the internet. It may also take a few minutes for the unit to equilibrate with its environment after initial setup.

    If your Puck says “Syncing…” and you don’t see a WiFi icon on the Gateway Puck or have setup your Gateway Puck within the last few minutes, please disregard any temperature readings.

    If after a few hours, your Gateway Puck is still not reading correctly, we can help with a field calibration process. If you believe your Puck needs calibration, please let us know by sending us a support ticket

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