Puck firmware upgrade or not




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    Flair Support

    Hi there,

    After conferring with our engineers, it looks like a firmware update went out to a very limited number of Pucks. However, an issue in the firmware email notification system led to unaffected users receiving a firmware update email. We apologize for the confusion this may have caused!

    As for the update release notes, that's a great catch. That page will be updated in the next week.

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    Peter Riddell

    Same here. I’ve tried to upgrade using Safari and IE. once I got a pop up that lasted less than a second that may have said something about firmware. Nothing has downloaded to my pucks in the 14+ hours since I received the email.

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    Andrew Sinclair

    I got mail saying it was done but no idea what. The releasr page needs updating https://flair.co/pages/firmware-releases


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