Using Flair to control mini split in room that has Ecobee and Central Air




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    John Bartlet

    Right now, our Mini Split Mirror Mode will mirror exactly what your ecobee is doing. If your ecobee is set to cooling, we can automatically have your mini split set to cool. Conversely, if your ecobee is set to heating, we'll have your mini split set to heating. 

    If you'd like to set the mini split to cool while the ecobee is not cooling, we recommend using our scheduling feature. That way, you can independently (and automatically) control your mini split's cooling without having to use Mirror Mode.

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    Robert Shibley

    Oh, one complicating factor - I DO want the Ecobee to use the central heat for heat! I have natural gas heat and I live in the South, so I'd rather use that cheaper source for heat, and it's plenty to heat my house!


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