What remote temp sensors are compatible with Flair?



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    John Bartlet

    Hi Stephen,

    Thanks for this message and this idea! We in fact have a temperature sensor in the Smart Vent however we don't use this temperature sensor for sensing room temperatures as discussed here (the Smart Vent is, however, measuring several variables, including duct-side temperature). To reiterate what was said there, we did a lot of testing on whether we could correctly identify room conditions—temperature, humidity, pressure, and occupancy—using the Smart Vent. Our experiments confirmed what we believed all along. Despite what a competitor claims, it is not possible to reliably measure room conditions from vents. For example, placing the temperature sensor in a vent is probably one of the worst places to put it. It results in very skewed temperature readings because you're measuring the temperature right next to a hot or cold airflow. Nothing is more frustrating than having a smart HVAC system that can't tell the correct temperature! In fact, even when the equipment is idle, often times the temperature at the vent doesn’t equilibrate with the room temperature—measuring your HVAC equipment's activity is also not a reliable way to measure room temperature.

    That being said, we're definitely intrigued by your idea! Our engineering team discussed this and basically you can do this by creating a remote sensor via the API. You can then post sensor data, which will then be used by the App and algorithm. You may need a permission to be set up by us, but we can double-check via a conversation with our support team. As a side note, this is why we made our API open for our customers to tinker with. We're always amazed with the ingenuity users can bring to our products! 

    Thanks for this—it's a cool idea!

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