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    Daniel Myers

    Hi Timm,

    The Flair Puck is a thermostat for Minisplits however we don't turn on and off the minisplits as a central hvac thermostat might, specifically because minisplits are really not built for this type of regulation.  We say this having worked closely with numerous minisplit brands to develop the most effective and efficient controls designs.  The main reason is that the vast majority of minisplits are inverter driven thus rather than turning on and off like a conventional central HVAC system and thermostat, they can be variably adjusted up and down to meet the cooling or heating needs for a room.

    Instead of turning on and off the units as set points are reached, we relay the setpoint from the Puck to the minisplit and allow the minisplit itself to cycle or adjust its cooling and heating.  However, we know that many minisplits do a poor job of maintaining the desired setpoint in a room and we have a solution for that as well - specifically, we have a feature called RoomSense.  This measures the temperature at the Puck which is more representative of the room temperature and will offset the setpoint on the minisplit by learning overtime how the minisplit heats or cools the room.

    You can read more about this feature here:

    Regarding "what this product is useful for" - beyond temperature regulation, many of our customer use the Puck with their minisplit to remotely control their minisplit which they can't do with the included remote as most minisplits are not WiFi enabled.  They also the Flair App and Multiple Pucks to manage a whole home or building's worth of minisplits using our geofenceing, scheduling, Apps or API.  I hope that helps clarify and if you have any further questions, feel free to reach out here or by emailing


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