How does Flair control "modes" on my multi-zone mini split unit?




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    Daniel Myers

    Hi Brian,

    Great questions  and definitely something that can be setup in a few different results - the differences on the Flair side are subtle but important!

    We have a few customers that are inn keepers/run bed and breakfast outfits and there is a recommended suggestion.  I'll run through a few of the more general suggestions in case other people find themselves here and then address your set up specifically.

    Ideal Bed and Breakfast / Inns
    From what we have seen, at a single Inn, as you mentioned, its not uncommon for one guest to want to heat a room and another to want to cool.  What we generally recommend is that each minisplit is single zone (one outdoor unit per indoor unit) and then each room is set up as a separate home in the flair App.  The main reason is that the 'Mode', at least as of today, is set on a home level.  This allows for completely independent control right from the Puck as well as the ability for guests to control their room from their phone as an added benefit!

    Your Specific Scenario
    As you mentioned, this is a bit trickier if you have a multizone minisplit (1 outdoor unit with multiple indoor units).  The first thing I'd recommend is in this case, only creating a single home since we want these to be in the same mode.  In terms of what the flair app does, I checked with engineering and they said that if you put the Flair Heat/Cool Mode to auto, Flair will set the indoor units to heat or cool specifically rather than auto however this is under the assumption that they are not multizone so unfortunately, you could end up with heat on one indoor and unit and cool on another which wont work of course.  Unfortunately, in this case they best outcome would be to have the system in heat only or cool only mode.  This is a compromise for your guests but will avoid sending heat to one unit and cool on another.  Hope that answers your question and feel free to shoot us a note if you have any other questions!

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    Pucks connected to one multizone unit should be aware of that and so NOT call for heating and cooling at the same time on the same multizone unit. That would be one smart, distinguishing feature.

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