For one vent do I need a smart thermostat + a puck, why?



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    You don't need a smart thermostat.


    One puck, and a vent is enough to add local limiting function to a room.

    That's exactly how I started.  In heating mode, set the Puck to maximum temp for the room, and it will close the vent when reached.  In cooling mode, set the puck to the minimum temp for the room and it will close the vent when reached.  It will open when the temp swings the other way.  Changes happen one degree past the set temp.


    Without the thermostat integration, it will not be able to turn on the heating system.  But, that's probably not your issue.  I'm assuming you have one room that either too hot or cold depending on the time of year.  Make sure you still add the thermostat as an unsupported model and set the total number of vents in the house (not just 1) to the app.


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