What determines if the vent is open or closed??



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    Flair Customer Support

    Hi William,

    When using a non-integrated thermostat, if Mode is set explicitly to Heat or Cool, Flair knows what to do. If the Mode is set to Auto Heat/Cool, Flair uses the duct temperature and room temperature to determine whether the entire system is heating or cooling - not on a room-by-room basis. This is controlled by a hysteresis value that can be adjusted. (You can write into Support if you need it adjusted.)

    What you're asking for is adaptive circulation, where the system circulates the air when the fan is on. This is a feature request that is gaining traction! I'll add your request.

    To affect this currently, you can set up two zones - one for the basement and one for the upstairs. To do this, create a second "dummy" thermostat and assign the basement to this zone (and remove the basement from the current zone).

    This will allow for separate heating and cooling zones. So when the fan is on and the basement duct temperature is warmer than the room temperature, Flair will determine heating and open the Vents. Upstairs, the Flair will see the duct temperature is cooler than the room temperature, determine cooling, and open the Vents.

    All the best,


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    William G Welch

    I tried to add a second zone for upstairs as you suggested, but I added my ecobee as the second zone upstairs. I don't have Flair vents upstairs, i am just trying to be able to see the ecobee sensors on the Flair app. Even though I kept the ecobee as a separate zone, it changed the behavior of the basement zone such that my vents didn't open this morning when the heat went on like they did before when I only had the dumb thermostat connected. I was trying to just see the ecobee sensors, but besides that treat it as a dumb thermostat.

    I went back to what I had before (removed my ecobee) so that the vents actually open when the heater is on.

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