How does Flair Confirm IR signals are recieved... does it resend?


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    Flair Customer Support

    Hi John,

    Mini splits receive commands via the IR receiver. They don’t send any information out. That being said, Flair does have a few ways to help maintain the room temperature. The first is RoomSense, which lets the Puck act as the temperature sensor for the mini split, sending periodic adjustments to the set point as necessary to maintain room temperature. Similarly, Flair has a safety feature that will resend the last command if it senses that the room temperature is not quite right - this happens whether Room Sense is enabled or not - and is helpful if a command is blocked.

    The Puck should be positioned within 15 feet and in line of sight of the IR receiver.

    You didn’t mention how you’re turning off the mini split. I’d suggest testing in Manual mode to ensure the correct placement of the Puck and that the correct model is being used. When in Manual Mode, send power ON/OF, fan speed and swing commands, allowing about 30 seconds for each command to be routed to the mini split.

    Here’s a Help Center article that explains more about Manual mode:

    If you need help confirming your model or getting things to work, write to our Support team at

    All the best,

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