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    Patrick Castleberg

    I'll second this thought/request.  almost our entire house is baseboard, this prevented us from going with smart vents unfortunately.  I did have hope when I saw Eco-Vent came out with in line controllers that you could integrate right into your HVAC piping, but they were still battery powered AND ECO got bought out by Keene who has shown little to no continued innovation. 

    It seems like it would be fairly easy for any of the smart vent MFG to come up with a basic baseboard shell housing that their existing standard size vents would fit into that could be manufactured and purchased fairly easily.  

    I would love to see all Flair do this AND since their vents can be hooked to 24v power also pursue the "in pipe" solutions for systems as well.  Seems like it would make great sense to have both options and would make the systems MUCH more likely to be installed by professionals.



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