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    Daniel Myers

    Hi Chuck,

    Answers below:

    1. Correct - power to the vents directly.  The first Puck in a system is responsible for WiFi and will need power.  Additional Pucks can be powered with the included microUSB cable+adapter OR the included AAAs.  If you don't want a wired Puck in a living space, you can also use an additional puck strictly for networking.

    2.  When the system is in Auto, it will manage the vents based on temperature.  In Manual mode, you can set each vent manually.  If you wanted to override the temperature based control in auto, the simplest way to do it is to pick a higher (during heating) or lower (during cooling) setpoint for that that room will be thinking it needs more heat or more AC.

    3. We wouldn't recommend using a switch as it won't do anything for the vent like you are suggesting.  Once power is removed, the vent will stay as it was.  The override suggested in #2's answer will work better.

    4.  If WiFi is lost, if the link between the Puck or Vent is lost, or in the event of a low battery (doesn't apply if you are wiring), the vent(s) will open up.

    5.  Some vents have had 50% as an option but with parrallel blade dampers, "50%" doesn't really mean 50% and during automation, 50% didn't end up making as much sense as a clear open/close and as such we elected to simplify things for now.

    6.  The system in Auto mode will control vent positions and thermostat integrations thermostatically however every room's setpoint or 'inactive/away' status can be set individually and on a schedule.  Check our this article for more information on scheduling:  https://support.flair.co/hc/en-us/articles/360004526031-Scheduling



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