Potential customer: Is it any more than automatic metering open/closing of vents?



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    Ken Schnautz

    The FLAIR system would, in fact help your situation, but only when vents are placed in over-cooled or over-heated rooms.

    In your specific summer situation, you'd do best to install the smart vents in the basement and on the main floor instead of upstairs. Upstairs, the vents typically will be always open, and a smart vent would serve little function.

    If in the winter, the upstairs becomes too warm, then vents upstairs would also help, as the opposite scenario is true.

    Since you can't use remote temperature sensors with the Carrier system, I would recommend adding a Flair puck to at least one room on each floor. If you can afford to do so, add a puck to each room you want to monitor (e.g., one per bedroom, one or more on the main floor, and one in the basement) and group the vents with their respective pucks.

    At this time, it doesn't seem like Carrier integration is implemented. So all you can do is close vents in rooms as they cool to their respective temperatures. This only helps redirect air from over-cooled or over-heated rooms.

    If integration for Carrier Infinity occurs down the road, you'd gain the ability to let FLAIR drive the thermostat set point, which would allow you to continue cooling/heating under-cooled/under-heated once the main thermostat reaches its setpoint.

    P.S. ... would you benefit from having a continuous fan running to recirculate/distribute the air in your home, mixing the upstairs and basement?

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    Josh Kaplan

    Thanks Ken Schnautz. We do keep the HVAC fan running on low, sometimes medium, and never use Auto. Is this what you were referring to?

    So it seems your suggestion is to put the flair vents in the rooms/areas that are too hot/cold to our liking, this would be basement and some small bathrooms. Still not sure if my wife will be ok with putting the vents on the main floor where we have the wood stained vents, but I can check. Right now I might just try them in basement and see how far that gets us. 

    As the basement is so cold in the summer, I put the magnetic vent covers over ALL vents in the basement and got maybe 1-1.5 degrees warmer out of it, although no noticeable difference in the bedrooms upstairs where we need to redirect the cooler air. Would the flair system do anything here, as we keep the basement vents closed full time now?

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    I'm still learning how the system works but from what I can tell so far you need more vents than just in the couple areas you are having trouble in.  As you've found, just covering (closing) a couple vents doesn't make a huge difference and that's what I'm seeing too.  I put smart vents on about 1/3 of our vents (the rest don't have a matching size) and it'll close some of them to help push air to the right spot.  Problem is, with other vents open (especially if they are bigger vents) it's going to push more air out of the non-controlled vents that are still open.

    My guess is that the more vents you can control, the better it'll work.  For example, you could even go so far as to push heat to your basement while closing off as much of the rest of the house as possible.  It could warm up the basement while the rest of the house doesn't get the heat.  That only works if you have enough smart vents elsewhere.

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