Using two 6x12 vents to cover a 12x12?



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    Flair Customer Support

    Hi Steve,

    While it's not something we generally recommend, we do have some customers who have made their own inserts. If you go this route, we'd be curious to know what you come up with.

    Here's a link to our Vent Engineering Data sheet in case that helps:

    All the best,


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    The vent size (4x10) refers to the internal dimension of the duct and the flair baffles. The flanges are wider (see other post Flair Dimensions – Flair).

    So, you'd have to cut the flange off an edge of your two 6x12 vents to fill your opening. The electronics should be ok, so long as just the flanges are cut.
    The vents are probably designed to be supported on four sides, and since you're only supporting each on three sides I should think you can't stand on them or put anything on them....not great from a safety standpoint. See this discussion on vent strength How much weight can the vent hold? Structural strength, Weight limit – Flair (note: some places need vents to hold a fireman).

    My guess is that flair will recommend against this hack, but use at your own risk I guess... The system should technically still work - maybe not safe.

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    Steve Stratoti

    Well, in my case all of my 12x12 vents are on the ceiling. :) So no need to worry about standing on them.

    But I see what you mean about the edge of the flange though. I don't think that'll work for us then. Thanks.

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