Honeywell sensors with Ecobee lite and Flair gateway?


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    James Clarke

    Hi Rob,

    Thanks for writing in!

    You can not use third-party sensors directly with your ecobee.  I have an ecobee thermostat and several ecobee room sensors and I personally think the ecobee room sensors work great.  If you already have the ecobee thermostat using the ecobee room sensors will make your life a bit easier as you will be able to see and control them directly in your ecobee app or on your ecobee thermostat.

    The above being said, there are integrations available on the market that allow you to use third-party sensors so long as the integration is designed to work with ecobee and also supports these third-party sensors.  Some examples of smart home automation platforms that you could use for this are Apple HomeKit, Samsung SmartThings.  I can't give you any specifics on how or if this will work with the particular Honeywell sensors you mentioned in your post.  

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