Flair/Ecobee question w.r.t. remote sensors and Puck



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    CJ Weber

    You have the option to have the flair ecosystem call for heating and cooling. If this is setup it will continue to heat and cool to get those rooms to their setpoint. Where is your ecobee located? If its in family room then you can have that be the temp sensor otherwise you need a puck acting as a sensor, or an ecobee sensor. If a puck is setup as a gateway it cannot function as a remote sensor.

    As for the battery, my suggestion. Just have the power supply that is supplying your vents on a small desktop type UPS. They are less than 100 bucks. But if you lost power, the vents arent going to do much good since your furnace/AC isnt going to be able run anyway. 

    Under "Home Settings" there is a remote sensor occupancy option. If its disabled, your vents will be active or inactive (closed) based on your schedule setup in flair. If you enable, those vents will be active (and follow the flair schedule), or inactive (closed) based on the ecobee occupancy sensor. This is what you'd want for your situation. 

    I hope this helps. If you have any more questions I will do my best to help

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    Flair Customer Support

    Hi BM Ninada,

    We don’t recommend using batteries when wiring Smart Vents.

    Since all your schedule swings are in ecobee, set Flair’s Set Point Controller to “Thermostat “. This tells Flair to read it’s set Point from the ecobee. (Go to Home Settings->System Settings).

    If you want Flair to read occupancy from ecobee remote sensors, enable Remote Sensor Occupancy in Flair (go to Home Settings->System Settings).

    Flair Pucks do not read occupancy so you will need to use add an ecobee remote sensor (or the ecobee itself) to rims that you want Flair to use occupancy.

    Occupancy is great for rooms that you don’t use much - or will be not using for more than an hour at a time. We generally recommend not using occupancy for rooms that you’re in and out of a lot.

    It sounds like you have one Puck in your system.

    I encourage you to check out this article to make sure you have enough Gateways in your home to provide good signal to your Smart Vents:


    All the best,

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    Chris Moschini

    It seems like you like tech. You might consider a Tesla Powerwall or 2 instead of UPSes and other battery backup strategies. A simple Powerwall means you can just ignore power outages and your entire home keeps going - your router, modem, vents, everything - instead of having to devise ways to protect each individual item or system.

    We got it installed in February and Duke Energy had their inevitable power outage just 2 weeks later. I got a notification on the Tesla app that the grid was down, and that's it - power didn't even blink in the house. Pretty awesome.

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