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    Flair Customer Support

    Hi Folks,

    When a Vent goes offline, it will open by default. Sounds like your Vent is going offline periodically.

    Did you check the signal strength?

    Vent RSSI should be above -75dB. This prevents signal loss that may result in lost commands or the Vent going offline.

    To see RSSI, go to Home Statistics, scroll to Vent graph, then change "Graph Data" to "RSSI". Here's an example graph showing RSSI. Note the one Vent at the bottom that dips below -75dB. Moving a Gateway Puck closer to the Vent may improve signal strength.

    Check out these articles:

    Statistics: Signal Strength, Set Point, Room Temperature

    Flair devices offline / low signal strength

    All the best,


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    Hi Gary, how is the vent RSSI while the vent is open?  I've heard it recommended that the RSSI should be between -60 and -80. Anything beyond that, and you probably need another gateway puck (i.e. puck attached with usb cable).

    Interesting, when I look at my data I also see that RSSI drops from -80 (open) to -95 (closed). I'm not sure if this is causation, but I'll keep an eye on it for you

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    Gary J

    Finn, read the issue I described. My wifi extender sat 6 feet, literally, under the vent and 8 feet from the puck. Vent and puck RSSI registered mid-40 to mid-50. When I forced the vent to close by lowering the puck set point, the vent closed and immediately the vent RSSI dropped 15-20 points. Frequently when that occurred, the vent lost connection bc RSSI fell too low and vent defaulted to open. Then a few minutes later, closed again. The situation, for me, and lack of support, dictated to me it was time to throw in the towel and request a refund, which I did. I had high expectations that were not met. It was such a good6idea, just not reliable enough for me.

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