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    Flair Customer Support

    Hi Gear Klik,

    A zone in a home is an area controlled by a thermostat. In Flair, it's the same.

    When you go through the Flair app Setup, you'll add your Nest thermostat TO Flair (you'll be asked to log into your Nest and grant access to Flair). That will create a Nest thermostat and (hidden) "zone" in Flair. Then when you add rooms to Flair, you'll associate them with the Nest zone.

    Sounds like in your home you have one zone controlled by one Nest. That means any rooms you add to Flair will need to be associated with that Nest zone.

    I guess you could use additional Nests as temperature sensors, but it doesn't really fit with the zone paradigm and we'd have to tweak things a bit in the app. Additionally, a Nest doesn't talk to a Smart Vent, so you would need some minimum number of Gateway Pucks to communicate with Smart Vents.

    Instead, add Pucks to each room with Smart Vents. These articles in our Buying Guide may be helpful to know where to place Pucks and Smart Vents.

    Do I need to replace all my vents?

    How many Flair Pucks do I need?

    All the best,




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    Gear Klik

    Thanks Finn!

    So once the Flair system is linked to the Nest system, and I've setup multiple Flair zones, does Nest only recognize a single zone or does it see the Flair zones?   Ie do multiple zones appear in the Nest app then the integration controls the Flair vents (via the Pucks etc)?  Or once I setup the Flair + Nest system I basically ignore the Nest app and setting and just use the Flair zones which in-turn control the Nest thermostat?

    Also does the same apply for Ecobee systems when using Ecobee temp sensors?  ie is the Ecobee thermostat aware of the Flair zones?


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