Gaskets/Foam/etc. for the frames?



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    Flair Customer Support

    Hi BM Ninada,

    Are you able to create a shim that will fit into that gap and be flush so the Vent doesn't move?

    All the best,


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    Hey BM,

    I have some ceiling vents in my basement that don't make a good seal. I decided to try out 3/8" round backer rod (for caulking and air sealing).
    I taped it into place, then positioned the vent on the ceiling. I then used a flat head screwdriver to push the backer rod into the duct opening and get the vent flush with the ceiling. The backer rod is now between the duct and the Flair vent. Seemed to have worked well.

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    BM Ninada

    So - consumers have to jerry rig something because Flair in their infinite wisdom can't provide gaskets? I find it ridiculous. BTW: I was forced to do the same. 

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