3 nights in a row - no service



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    Daniel Myers

    Hi Stephen,

    We haven't had any downtime so I'm not sure why your phone is having issues.  I suspect there is something going on with your phone's internet connection (maybe a bad cellular signal or weak wifi signal?).  That said, if you are ever in doubt, you can also access your system through my.flair.co on your computer.  Is this a smart vent system or a minisplit system?  For Smart Vent systems, the only way to integrate with smart thermostats today is via an internet connection.  On the heat to/cool to point - we'd love to know a bit more about this as we having been working on a few changes to some of our algorithms, particularly in response to customers in the southwest where the daily swings in temperature necessitate mode switching daily.  I have asked the support team to reach out and hope we can make the system easier to use for you!


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    Flair Customer Support

    Hi Stephen,

    I'll create a Support Ticket so we can help diagnose.

    All the best,

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