Can I use flair for cutting new vent into duct?


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    Flair Customer Support

    Hi Philip Luckey,

    You don't mention this, so I'm assuming that there are currently no vents in the basement. You can certainly cut an appropriately sized duct opening and drop in a Flair Smart Vent. However, cutting a hole in a duct will affect the pressure in the system and might reduce the airflow to other areas the duct is supplying conditioned air to.

    I'd recommend talking with your HVAC professional to see if this is the right solution for your home.

    In terms of a Flair solution, if there are vents in the basement, then you'd want to add a Puck in the basement, and then add Pucks and Smart Vents to other rooms/areas of your home. When the Puck in the basement reads that it needs more heating/cooling, then Flair will shut the Smart Vents in other areas to redirect more airflow to the basement.

    Check out our Airflow Scenarios document for more information on Flair Solutions.

    All the best,


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