How to disassembly a puck?



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    Dan T.

    Hello Marcin,

    A note to all: tampering with Flair products will void the warranty.

    Seeing as the Puck has suffered water damage, the warranty is already void so you can give this a go.

    Here are some tips to disassemble the Flair Puck. 

    There are only two tricky or unclear steps to disassemble the Flair Puck:

    • Remove the cover to reveal internal screws
    • Separating the Flair Puck halves after all visible screws are removed

    I hope this helps! Good Luck!


    Flair Support

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    Marcin Kwiatkowski

    Thanks! Luckily overnighting puck in rice was enough to fix it, so I don’t have to disassemble it. Props for good quality product that can survive few minutes of being submerged.

    Really appreciate your answer and repair friendly attitude! I’m pretty sure I’ll need to dissemble it one day anyway, sponsored by my toddler :)

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