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    James Clarke

    Hi Lisa,

    Closing supply vents creates back pressure in the supply side of your HVAC system.  Closing too many supply vents can cause too much back pressure in the supply side of your HVAC system and can harm your HVAC equipment.

    Flair prevents this from happening by using a smart back pressure protection algorithm.  When you set up your Flair system you will let us know via the Flair app how many supply vents you have in your home total (smart and non-smart).  Flair will then allow up to 1/3 of that number of vents you specified to close at any one time.

    As an example: if you have 13 supply vents in your home and 5 of them are Flair Smart Vents then only 4 of these Flair Smart Vents will be allowed to close at any one time.  This is to prevent too much back pressure in your system.  13/3=4.33 and this is how Flair determines it can safely close up to 4 of your Smart Vents at any one time.

    So the answer is that yes, closing vents causes stress on an HVAC system, but when your HVAC system is designed and installed properly by a professional it is expected that a subset of the vents in the home may be closed.

    We would be happy to answer any other questions you have.  If you would like to work with one of our technical support staff prior to purchase please reach out to us:  

    Thank you for the great question!


    Flair Technical Support


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