Recessed smart vent



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    Burt Reich

    Hi Paul Lemieux,

    Thank you for the suggestion! The metal faceplate currently acts as a radio frequency antenna for communications between the Smart Vent and the Gateway Puck. The faceplate also has a cutout for the "light bar" used to identify each Smart Vent.

    I will gladly pass on your suggestion to our management team. Please note that feature requests are prioritized by the company for inclusion in the product and that a timeline for implementation cannot be guaranteed.

    Best Regards,

    Burt, Flair Customer Support

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    Paul Lemieux


    That was good info. With a recessed smart vent it definitely would not have the faceplate to act as an antenna.

    I did a prototype test by notching the corners of a smart vent out so I could bend the sides straight up. This allowed me to drop the unit into the duct and use the holes in the flange to screw into the duct at the right depth. Obviously this voids the warranty on that one vent. :) 

    So far communication is not suffering and I am able to drop my custom faceplate over it. 

    Hopefully that gives some concept ideas for your team to consider.

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