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    John Bartlet

    Flair does work with Midea Mini Splits! We should work with the vast majority of them, but you are still unable to find a successful IR model in the setup process, please email hello@flair.co. Please include your IR device’s model number as well as your remote model number in that email. We may have to manually upload your IR codeset into our cloud. We will either purchase a copy of your IR device’s remote or, in rare instances, send you a prepaid shipping label to ship your remote to us. 

    As a side note, there are some remotes that work better than others with Flair. 

    If your remote looks like this (has a screen that shows the current temperature and state), you will have access to Flair's full feature set.


    If your remote looks like these two, you may be able to use Flair as an internet-connected remote (the Flair App will let you do everything that your remote currently does, but through your phone):

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