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    Flair Support

    Just as an FYI, I can only give general explanations in our Forum as we do not share user account information in a public setting. If you would like me to give suggestions that pertain to your account, I can close this post and we can move our conversation to a ticket in our email customer support system. Just let me know!


    Now, to get to your questions. 

    When you click "Associate ____ with exactly one zone" do you see this screen?

    If so, you need to add a thermostat to your account. It may be useful to briefly go over the relationship between zones and thermostats. 

    Zones are the regions of a home that can be heated, cooled or ventilated by an HVAC Device (a Smart Thermostat, Minisplit, Window AC, etc.). Flair uses zone information to understand how rooms will be affected by central heating or cooling. It also uses zone information to understand what rooms are heated or cooled with IR devices.

    If a home has a single thermostat, the entire home has one zone. Each climate-controlled room in this home is part of this zone. Mini splits and other devices are typically designed to heat or cool a single room. In this situation, that room doubles as a zone.


    So, we need to add a thermostat to your account. To do that, click the menu button, then go to Home Settings, then to Thermostats, then Add a new Thermostat, then click Nest, then associate your Flair account with a Nest thermostat. Then, you will be able to add a Zone to a Room. Follow the GIF below to see this process:




    As for getting your Flair rooms to show up in your Nest app, we would love to have that functionality! Unfortunately, only Nest can control what shows up in their App. By Nest's design, integrations cannot show up directly inside the Nest app. The only way for Flair rooms to show up inside the Nest app would be if Nest added this functionality on their own. We would love to see that happen and we encourage you to contact Nest customer support to let them know you would like to see this feature built out. 


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    Thanks for responding.  Yes, if you prefer, you are welcome to switch this to an email ticket.  I just felt that by posting this in the forum, someone else might benefit from this in the future.  To respond to your comments, Yes, when I go to "Associate ____ with exactly one zone" I see exactly what you are showing, so it would seem I need to associate thermostat to the account.  When I go to Home Settings, then to Thermostats, my Nest is already listed there as associated.  So, what would be my next option?


    For Integrating with Nest, is it your intention for users to use the Flair app instead of, or in replacement of the Nest application?  If instead of, there are a few things that might need to be addressed.  

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    Flair Support

    Your next option should be to double-check that you have given permissions for Flair to associate with a home in your Nest account. It's the last step in the integration process. To do so, go to the menu, Home Settings, then Integrations. Under Nest, click "Associated Nest Home" to associate Flair with the proper home in your Nest account. Follow the GIF below to see this process:



    The Flair App is intended to be a companion to your smart thermostat and we encourage users to find the balance that works best for them. If you have any suggestions for our App, we encourage you to submit a ticket so we can forward your suggestions to our App design and engineering team. Thank you!

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    Yes, Flair has permissions to access the Nest account.  The Zones do not however populate.  Actually it should be a single Zone, but noting is there.


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    Flair Support

    It looks like we may need to have one of our technicians look into your setup. We’re going to turn your forum post into a support ticket so we can better serve you. In order to create one streamlined communication channel, I’m going to close this forum post. You should shortly receive a confirmation in your email inbox that this post has been turned into a support ticket.


    We look forward to helping you out!

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