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    John Bartlet

    Hi there—we get this question quite a bit!

    Both our Smart Vents and Pucks use pressure sensors to understand external static pressure changes imparted by opening and closing vents throughout your home HVAC system. In fact, this makes a system like ours safer than manual vents that homeowners commonly open and close. Not only do we use pressure sensors to understand changes to pressure, but we also do not ever close more than 1/3 of vents in a system. This has shown to be safe by a Lawrence Berkeley National Labs study. To go further, we used a 100% safety margin over their conclusions.

    Flair has safety precautions built in to limit how many Smart Vents can close at a given time. The system can also notify you if anything out of the ordinary is observed. If battery voltage gets too low on a Puck or Vent, Flair will send you an email notification and will leave any vents in that room open.

    We monitor static pressure both in the duct via the back end of the Smart Vent as well as in the room via the Puck allowing us to measure pressure both duct-side and in-room. We use that to build a pressure model (a synthesized TESP, if you will). From our monitoring, 0.5iwc seems to be the most common.

    Our automation and monitoring works to prevent any static pressure issues. We are in actuality a bit safer than users modulating their own louvers on their registers manually as we can actually look at data and monitor static pressure in real time.

    Thanks for your question!

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