IFTTT and other new user questions




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    Mark Adelman

    Bump. Super disappointed to see that IFTTT integration is still non-existent almost a year after I got my first puck.

    Open API is great, but for those of us that can’t write code ourselves, IFTTT is a pretty useful way to integrate with other smart home products.

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    Flair Support

    Thanks for the suggestion to get IFTTT added to our list of integrations! I'll be sure to pass this on to our engineering team for feasibility and to see if we can get an integration like this up and running. 

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    Ben Tusa

    +1 for IFTTT support

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    Craig Schaff

    +1 For IFTTT support

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    Eric Engelman

    I'm wondering if there is a way to get around the IFTTT support using Alexa as a "middleman". Since Alexa works with IFTTT and Flair. Has anyone figured this out?

    Ultimately what I'm trying to do is connect temperature control to a calendar for an Airbnb apartment. That way Flair can shut my heat/AC off when no guest is staying, and turn back on 1 hour before a guest is scheduled to arrive.

    +1 for IFTTT support

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    James Downing

    I'd also love ifttt integration. I want to use a smart outlet to trigger a space heater in a room that is notoriously cold if a puck drops below a certain temp.

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    I've pre-ordered and have been asking for IFTTT support for years.

    Really, really would like it!

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