Flair Puck with Frigidaire Window Unit - Disable Eco Mode




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    Flair Support

    Thank you for your feedback! I've sent it to our engineering and design team. Please note, however, that we never used crowdfunding for our product and have always been a venture-backed company. 

    As for using it with your Window AC, please note the following article: https://support.flair.co/hc/en-us/articles/360004153852-Can-I-check-my-remote-control-to-see-if-my-AC-or-Mini-Split-works-with-Flair-

    We can only fully automate IR devices with the type of remote shown in the top picture. We can be an internet-connected remote in manual mode only with the latter devices. This is due to a limitation inherent to devices that use the other kind of remotes with how state information is sent in an IR transmission. 

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    Aubrey Turner

    To follow up, I'd had a Puck sitting in the box for quite some time.  I got it from the crowdfunding round but life had intervened and derailed my plans to use it.

    Anyhow, I pulled it out last night and tried setting it up with my Window A/C unit.  The first challenge was that my unit is not listed by model, so I had to use the IR learning mode.  The unit started responding with Model 4, if memory serves, but nothing worked quite right until I'd run the process six more times and settled on Model 10.  

    I have the app in manual mode and I am now able to turn the power on/off, change the temperature and fan speeds, and change the mode to 'Cool' (hit the 'Mode' button once).  I'd prefer a discrete button for 'Cool' mode so that it better mimics the remote, but this might be workable if not for the other issues I've encountered.

    First, the app is so slow as to be impractical in day-to-day use.  It takes approximately 9 seconds from hitting the icon to get through the splash screen, the 'loading' animation, and finally see the status.  Second, the IR button presses are horrendously laggy.  It is taking anywhere from 5 to 30 seconds for the IR command to be sent in response to my button presses in the app.

    So...  my current questions are whether this will work in Auto mode and with the newly announced schedules.  The slow app and laggy commands aren't such an issue if I can have it turn on and change mode at a set time, since I don't have to sit and wait for the commands to be sent.

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    Aubrey Turner

    Looking back I see that I ordered the Puck on 1/20/2016 and it was shipped 8/17/2017.  Which is why I was thinking crowdfunding model.

    Anyway, if I'm understanding it, then the only thing I can do is use the app to send button presses.  Which, in my experience, has been unsatisfactory.  Last night, for example, I tried sending a Power button press.  After about a minute with nothing happening, I used the actual remote control only to have the unit shut down a minute later when the Puck finally got around to sending the button press.  That kind of lag makes this thing unusable.  

    So, I guess the Puck is going back into the box and then into the bin of other failed home automation devices.  LOL.  Glad I didn't pay retail for this thing.

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    Flair Support

    Thank you for your feedback! We definitely appreciate the point of view regarding latency issues and I've been informed our engineering team is working on a fix. 

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