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    Robert F

    So its been a week, and after some more experimenting... it appears that the pucks do eventually tune the temperature settings of the units, it just takes a while to finish all the signaling after the initial "on" IR signals, so that seems to be working now.

    I'm still experimenting with "manual away"... it appears that is where Flair begins to turn off units, and only turn them on to keep within the broad max/mins. That makes sense... so now my questions seem to be narrowing in on the "active rooms" concept... a neat idea... that would allow me to save money ny letting the house get a little less a/c and concentrate on where my family members are.  Anyone get it working with Bluetooth beaconing, and any tips on either setup or troubleshooting?  There's no documentation I could find on setup/troubleshooting of this feature for the Flair puck.

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    Flair Support

    While the bluetooth beacons are installed in each Puck, they are currently not enabled via software. Customers overwhelmingly asked us for scheduling to be deployed and we focused our attention on that. We hope to have bluetooth beaconing up in the future. If you have any more questions, please feel free to reach out at

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