Mabe mini splits




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    John Bartlet

    With our Room Sense™ technology, we measure temperature at the Pucks so that you can avoid overcooling and remain comfortable.

    We tend to recommend one Puck per unit for the best possible use, but since these are all in the same room, you may be able to set up your Puck with one of the devices and it will communicate with all 3 at once (as long as they are the exact same model). This wholly depends on line of sight and distance, however. 

    If you cannot establish a line of sight within 20 feet, we recommend buying separate Pucks. 


    Thanks for the questions!

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    Robert F

    So far, using the pucks, I do find they drive behavior off of the readings at the puck, not at the units.

    As far as controlling 3 at once, I've never tried.

    I don't have the IR protocol specification, but it *appears* to be unidirectional.  If so... it might work for 3... don't know, but since the signal to the units is light, not Wi-Fi... the puck *would* have to have line of sight to each. There are 3 holes in the top of the puck, so it does spread the IR signal left right and center.

    If you're already committed to Flair, If you bought one puck, I suppose you could try it out, then buy another two if it doesn't work.



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    I think I'll give a couple a try. Only issue is I don't see the Mabe brand in the list of control codes, is it supported?

    Thanks for the replies!

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