Flair Alexa caveats and skill suggestions; issues with active/inactive




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    Flair Support

    Hi Patrick,

    Thanks for the feedback!

    It would be useful just to be able to activate and deactivate rooms 
    through Alexa, and have it use the default Away and Active temperatures

    A few users have requested this feature. We are working on adding this feature, and this should be available in the next week or two! 


    Currently, changing the temperature in an inactive room doesn't 
    seem to "stick"; it creates a "hold - inactive" that reverts to
    the "Away" temperature.

    This sounds more like a bug, and I wanted to get some more detailed info so we can debug and improve upon this. Do you mind sending an email to hello@flair.co with the following info:
    - Email associated with your Flair account
    - (optional) A date/time where you saw this error



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    Patrick Crutchley

    Thank you! Sent-- issue 5477.

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    Manoah Piper

    Was activating and activating a room ever implemented? If so, what is the Alex a voice command?

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    Manoah Piper

    Sorry meant activating and deactivating.

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    Flair Support

    It was! If you tell Alexa to turn off the name of a room, Alexa will set the room as inactive. That means Alexa will either turn off all the IR devices in that room or close the Smart Vents. For example, you can say "Alexa, turn off Bedroom."

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