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    Flair Support

    We have had a few customers request a Home Assistant integration and we know we've given out API credentials to those who've wanted to build it. However, do not know of any users who have completed a Home Assistant integration at this time.

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    Justin Quintero

    I just purchased a puck and am using home assistant, willing to test out your plugin when you have it ready

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    Nick Waterton

    I have written a vent and puck interface (for openhab2), but it’s written in python, and should be universal. It’s similar to my roomba vacuum interface which is used in ha I believe.

    You can take a look at it here:


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    I'd gladly buy a few of these (pucks and vents) if they are integrated into Home Assistant!

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    Matthew Miller

    Count me in this as well. My main system is a boiler/baseboard radiant and that's hooked to Ecobee, and then I've got a Mitisubishi mini split. Ecobee's "smart" system isn't really very smart, so I'd like to tie it all together with Homeassistant. Specifically, I want to use the mini-splits for cooling (obviously), but also I'd like to use the mini-splits for heat when the outdoor temps are high enough to make that more efficient.

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    Dennis Reiter

    Me as well. Right now I'm accessing it through MQTT from SmartThings, but I'm trying to move to all Home Assistant

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    Andy Simmons

    I'm another Home Assistant user. I don't have a ton of interest in controlling the vents themselves from HASS, but I could absolutely get behind leveraging the data from the pucks.

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